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afrol News, 12 July - The US Trade and Development Agency (TDA) has announced it will provide US$ 542,000 for two feasibility studies by US consultants on salt production and water delivery projects in Ghana. The project is to provide safer and more effective water distribution in Ghana and Togo.

Agreements were signed in Accra on Wednesday with the Ghanaian government and the Ghana Water Company Limited, the US agency reported. Ghana's Minister of Trade and Industry, Kofi Apraku, signed on behalf of his ministry. 

TDA is to provide US$ 102,040 for a feasibility study on three commercial salt facilities in Songhor Lagoon, eastern Ghana, and US$ 440,000 for a similar study of options for delivering and distributing water from Sogakopeat the Volta River in eastern Ghana to Lomé, Togo. 

The latter project is part of "efforts by Ghana and Togo to develop a safe and effective water distribution system that will increase water safety and decrease the number of water-borne illnesses in both countries," the US release said.

The project further was to "highlight US export and investment opportunities in Ghana," TDA admits. The agency also "helps American businesses compete for infrastructure projects in emerging markets." An Amercian consultant therefore was "to conduct" the "feasibility study" on the Ghanaian/Togolese water project.

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