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afrol News, 23 August - Sam O. Dean, editor of the Monrovia Guardian, reportedly has been arrested by the Monrovia police and taken to the police headquarters for publishing a critical article concerning the capital's police chief. 

According to information gathered by Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF - Reporters Without Borders), on 20 August 2001, Sam O. Dean was arrested by the Monrovia police and taken to the police headquarters. He has been charged with "criminal malevolence".

He is accused of publishing an article, which said that, the police chief Paul Mulbah had been summoned by the House of Representatives for "explanations". A representative accused the director of police of "flogging" her. 

Paul Mulbah complained to the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) about the "sensationalism" and "misleading" reports of the newspaper. Sam O. Dean has spent two nights in detention sleeping on the bare floor. His colleagues have been denied the right to visit him, according to RSF.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Justice, Eddington Varmah, the French media watchdog protested against the arrest of Sam O. Dean. RSF asked the minister to refer the matter to the competent authorities to ensure that the journalist is released immediately. 

- In one year eight journalists have been detained in Liberia, making this country one of the most repressive in West Africa regarding press freedom matter, explained Robert Ménard, the general secretary of RSF. 

Finally the organisation called on the authorities to ratify the International covenant on civil and political rights which guarantees freedom of expression.

Source: Based on RSF and afrol archives

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