Morocco and US agree on free trade

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King Mohammed VI

«I received the proposal with satisfaction»

Mohammed VI 

afrol News, 24 April - Yesterday morning the President of the United States, Gorge W. Bush, and the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, agreed upon a the establishment a of free trade treaty between the two countries. The trade treaty was the principal consequence of the King's visit to the US just one week before the UN Security Council is to make a statement on the future of Western Sahara. 

The agreement between the two Heads of State about the establishment a free trade treaty - which had been proposed by the US President - was announced in a short press conference after the summit between Bush and Mohammed VI in the Oval Office of the White House; a meting which also was reported to have been short. 

As the American President explained, the issues that were discussed during the meeting in particular had been related to the extension of the economic cooperation between the two countries and also to the cooperation between the Moroccan and US armies in the international fight against terrorism. 

In relation to the US-led fight against terrorism, George W. Bush especially mentioned and thanked King Mohammed VI for the great efforts he was demonstrating in the "war against terrorism" and more explicit, his outstanding role in the worrying ongoing crisis in the Middle East. 

Bush invited the Moroccan King to cooperate in the regional conference proposed by the Israeli Prime Minister and to take the initiative to invite and persuade other Arab countries to participate. The Moroccan King accepted the invitation and announced that he would intensify his talks with the authorities of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan concerning the mentioned conference. 

In reference to the agreement to establish free trade between the two countries, it was announced that within short, a US commission would travel to Morocco to establish the basis for the foreseen treaty, which than could be elaborated step by step. Mohammed VI, according to his own words, received the free trade proposal by the US President "with satisfaction."

The North American round trip by the Moroccan King is taking place just a few days before the United Nations Security Council is to make a statement - expected to be of significant importance - about the conflict in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara. A resolution by the Council must be produced by 30 April. Yesterday, Mohammed VI finished his long list of meetings with US officials, speaking to US Secretary of State, Colin Powel. Later today, the Moroccan King is to meet with the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.

Sources: Based on US govt, press reports and afrol archives.

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