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Welcome to our library!

   In fact, at the moment, this isn't too much of a library. There are only four items, an ample thesis about agriculture in The Gambia, a chronology of the modern history of Equatorial Guinea and an article on Cameroonian history. However, they are all good and informative pieces of work, and, they give you a glimpse of how we intent to present our library services.

   Hence, we found it important to present this service already now, as our intention is to emphasize on having a good library. It goes right into the raison d'être of - the free distribution of high quality information.

   As the library is a freely accessed service, we do not pay authors for their material. For You, as an author, the "only" thing You gain, is reaching out at an ever-growing, world-wide audience with the materials You have not published so far. The copyright, of course, stays with the author. Mail us at




Fyhri, Torgeir (1998)
"The Gambia: The Complexity of Modernising the Agricultural Sector in Africa" 
Unpublished thesis in Geography of Resources, Department of Geography, University of Oslo (Norway).

Hennig, Rainer Chr. (1993)
"The rise and fall of the Adamawa emirate"

Article. Introduction to thesis "Det tyske kolonistyret i Adamawa 1901-16," Department of History, University of Oslo (Norway). Translated from Norwegian to English, 2000.

Lacosta, Xavier (undated)
"Cronología de Guinea Ecuatorial: 1950 /1979, de la independencia al juicio contra Macías"
Chronology of the modern history of Equatorial Guinea (in Spanish).


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