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Egypt protests live stream (2 Feb)

Molotov cocktails were raining on Tahrir Square this evening

© Anonymous/afrol News
afrol News, 2 February
- As the darkness has descended on Cairo's Tahrir Square, the heavy clashes earlier today have eased and protesters are preparing to hold their positions throuhgout the night. But here are still occasional attacks.

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12:18 (3 February) - afrol News' live studio on Egypt protests is open, but in another page. To follow today's live stream, click here.

10:53 (3 February) - The live studio from Egypt will resume within the hour. Please excuse us for the needed break. If you are in Egypt, or can contribute with photos, please tweet us at @afroleditor. We thank our readers for your massive interest!

01:03 - Protesters and regime agents keep throwing stones at each other at the barricades, some quartals away from Tahrir Square. It seems there will be some fighting all night long, exhausting the protesters. But there are still people going to central Cairo to take their turn, allowing tired protesters to go home to rest, and securing the protesters's hold on central Cairo, This will probably be the situation throughout the night, as few believe Mubarak has more surprises to offer.

00:22 - Analysts question what Mubarak could gain by his heavy-handed policies. Internationally, the Eyptian leader already has lost all support, except from equal-minded Arab dictators. He has alienated his major allies, and the US would find it difficult to maintain its enormous support to Egypt under continued Mubarak rule. The only way Mr Mubarak could win, would be by eliminating the protesters physically, but what would then remain of his regime's legitimacy? It could look like the regime has plaid out its last, desperate cards.

00:15 - [01:15, Cairo time] The feared attacks against protesters at Cairo's Tahrir Square are not materialising, so far at least. New assessments put the numbers of protesters at the square at around 2,000. But far more protesters are within the central area protected by barricades. They are still confronted by pro-regime agents outside the barricades.

23:50 - Gunshots are again heard in central Cairo, and helicopters are circling over Tahrir Square. There are many rumours of a new pro-government attack being prepared against the tired protesters, including reports on 'Al Jazeera'.

23:21 - The situation around Cairo's Tahrir Square, totally dominated by anti-government protesters, seems to be stabilising. Some tents are erected at the square. While many guard the barricades from continued occasional attacks, others prepare

Protesters in Cairo still dominate the streets and have in no way given up

© Anonymous/afrol News
for greater demonstrations tomorrow. It is past midnight in Egypt. Everybody is tired.

23:12 - US chief of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, spoke by phone this morning with his Egyptian counterpart, Army Lt Gen Sami Enan, who had assured him the Egyptian army would stay "neutral" in the conflict. Mr Enan however indicated it would be police forces and the Ministry of the Interior dealing with the protesters, if any.

23:04 - According to 'Al Jazeera', "more than 1,500 persons have been injured" only in Cairo today. There is an urgent need for medical aid in central Cairo.

23:02 - More protesters have streamed to central Cairo during the last hours, assisting in expanding the zone controlled around Tahrir Square. The protesters, which for the moment are less threatened by regime agents, however risk overstretching as they erect new barricades further away from the square.

22:53 - Egypt's Health Ministry now admits at least three have been killed today. Others expect the death toll to be much higher.

22:40 - A new wave of attack from pro-regime agents could be in the making. There are reported attacks on the protesters that have been holding Cairo's strategic Qasr el Nil bridge for several hours.

22:36 - The protesters are definitively regaining control of central Cairo. But an occasional Molotov cocktail is still thrown at them from the few remaining pro-regime agents.

22:22 - The area between the Egyptian Museum and Cairo Hilton Hotel has been "re-conquered" by the protesters, as pro-Mubarak agents are fleeing.

22:19 - As there are fewer and fewer pro-regime agents in central Cairo, protesters are getting control of a greater area around Tahrir Square, setting up new barricades. Only few regime supporters now are able to through petrol bombs and other items on the Egyptian Museum, and they seem to be retreating.

b>22:12 - US ultra-conservative broadcaster 'Fox News' in its reporting continues to focus on the alleged danger of the Muslim Brotherhood taking control in Egypt. Online, its last publsihed article claims Egypt's Copts are being "attacked" also during the current protests. Protests are presented as orchestrated by the Brotherhood. Independent reports from Egypt say the Brotherhood keeps in the background and that Copts are vitally participating in the revolution.

Cairo's strategic Qasr el Nil bridge taken over by protesters

© Anonymous/afrol News

22:09 - Egypt's first government member asks for President Mubarak to step down: On 'Al Jazeera', newly named Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawaas, shocked by the destructions made by pro-Mubarak agents, said it was time for Mubarak to go, blaming him of "wanting to burn down all Egypt."

21:50 - The Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square seems to stay the scene of battle between the two groups. Pro-Mubarak agents on rooftops at the square keep throwing Molotov cocktails at the building, where smaller fires are reported regularly. The protesters are doing their best to protect the Museum, without any support from the army.

21:44 - State-controlled broadcaster 'Al Masria' announces that Egyptian banks and the Cairo Stock Exchange will be open on Monday, indicating the unrest will be sorted out by then.

21:24 - "From what I saw, protesters were holding off charges from multiple directions. But they are spread very thin to cover all entrance ways," Ashraf Khalil tweets from close to Tahrir Square, Cairo.

21:19 - Unconfirmed reports from Cairo claim that "activist from Tahrir Square brought to hospital are taken directly to jail."

21:16 - 'Al-Arabiya TV' Cairo correspondent Ahmed Abdullah, who disappeared four hours ago, has now been found. He was severely beaten by pro-Mubarak agents, and has now been take to hospital.

21:06 - In updated numbers, Egypt's Health Minister now reports of 611 people injured in clashes in Cairo's Tahrir square. Confirmed deaths so far are at one person, but believed to be much higher.

21:02 - The Obama administration in a new statement this evening has sharpened its reactions to the Egypt protests, saying a transition process must start now, not in September. The US support for Mubarak is clearly being withdrawn.

20:57 - Egypt's new Vice-President has appeared on state TV, demanding anti-government protesters vacate Tahrir Square and go home. There would be no negotiations with the opposition before the protests stop, he said.

20:48 - Egypt state TV and other government-controlled broadcasters are incresingly launching conspiracy theories, claiming the anti-regime protests were organised by "Jewish agents" and the US, Even Iran has been mentioned as the true origin of the protests. Several protesters in Cairo have reported their attac

Protesters at Tahrir Square treating their injured, trying to extract the birdshot from a protester’s head

© Hossam el-Hamalawy
kers call them "Israeli" or "Iranian agents".

20:39 - Although the situation at Tahrir Square is relatively calm now, occasional gunshots are still heard from the sidestreets. There are still regime agents on the rooftops around the square, throwing item at the protesters and causin injury.

20:32 - At Tahrir Square, the situation is relatively calm, interrupted by the occasional threat from regime agents. While the square is relatively empty compared to yesterday, there is again a small stream of protesters arriving from all over Cairo. Protesters on the square are however sceptical about whom to allow to enter, as they fear renewed plain-cloth police infiltration. Stronger barricades are erected to protect the protest camp, here in the heart of Cairo.

20:25 - Gunshots and clashes between protesters and pro-regime agents are now reported from neigbourhoods outside central Cairo, in particular in Muhandissin.

20:09 - German state broadcasters 'ARD and 'ZDF' report the same problems from Cairo. 'ARD' had to evacuate its central Cairo offices "after a group of vandals tried to storm the nearby offices of news channel 'Al Arabiya'," the TV channel reports. A reporter of 'ZDF' had been arrested by unknown persons and a Belgian reporter "was beaten and accused of espionage," 'ARD' correspondent Jörg Armbruster adds. He confrims the earlier reported "arrest" of four Israeli journalists and holds the Egyptian government responsible for the attacks on the international press.

20:01 - Norway's state broadcaster 'NRK' reports its team in Cairo was threatened and attacked by pro-regime agents. "People were very aggressive," reports Sidsel Wold, "but in the end we were saved by the Egyptian army," she adds.

19:53 - In yet another attack on international journalists, 'Al-Arabiya TV' has just reported from Cairo that one of their correspondents went missing after being attacked by pro-Mubarak "protesters".

19:50 - While state TV lets military and government spokesmen voice messages that people need to go home, 'Al Jazeera' has aired a respected imam calling for people to go to Tahrir Square "to assist the wounded."

19:32 - Activists in Cairo report that young anti-government protesters have been able to "take full control" of the strategic Qasr el Nil bridge, following a longer battled with

Protesters running for their lives in central Cairo

© Hossam el-Hamalawy/afrol News
pro-regime agents and much stone-throwing back and forth. The protesters therefore control a key access road to central Cairo.

19:28 - "Rich and powerful supporters of Mubarak" had stood behind the paying and sending of "pro-Mubarak protesters" to create "fear among protesters" at Tahrir Square, a high US official told the UK agency 'Reuters' this evening.

19:09 - One report after the other confirms that the "pro-Mubarak protesters" still in place are indeed plain-cloth police officers. A large number have been captured by protesters during the evening, all holding police ID cards. A larger group of "pro-Mubarak protesters" that has now left central Cairo turned out to be state company workers, paid relatively large sums to get into buses and "demonstrate" in favour of the regime. Anti-government protesters in Cairo now urge media to stop calling these government agents "pro-Mubarak protesters".

19:00 - Alarming reports from Hurghada, the popular Red Sea holiday resort now slowly being evacuated: Around 100 pro-regime agents are reported to roam the streets "with knives, swords, carrying Mubarak's posters, terrorizing the citizens."

18:57 - Ambulances are finally able to reach the side-streets of Tahrir Square, although very slowly. There are many injured waiting to be transported to hospital.

18:55 - "Thugs are being moving back from accross Qasr el Nil bridge. Pushed back by anti government-protestors," an activst tweets from Cairo.

18:49 - After reports of a calmer Tahrir Square with fewer protesters, there are now reports of many anti-government protesters again trying to move towards the square from all over the city.

18:45 - The army ask people to seek shelter in their homes as there are increasing reports of chaos, including attacks on army vehicles and renewed looting. Reports however do not specify who is behind this chaos, as anti-government protesters blame "Mubarak's thugs".

18:34 - There are again reports of gunshots from Tahrir Square.

18:29 - "National tv sends threats to protesters that Tahrir Square will be set on fire," Ghadi Sary tweets from Egypt.

18:19 - Egypt state TV reports the "Muslim Brotherhood threw the Molotov cocktails" at Tahrir Square. 'Dagbladet' (Norway) reporter Eiliv Frich Flydal in Cairo however says he as an eyewitness

Tahrir Square this afternoon

© Ahmed Fatah/afrol News
"can confirm" that the about 15 petrol bombs were thrown from positions held by the pro-Mubarak agents.

18:10 - There are now much fewer protesters at Tahrir Square, where the situation at the moment is relatively calm, compared to earlier today. Some protesters are speaking in megaphones, urging women and children to leave but men to stay. It was important to keep the square in protesters' hands until the great protests announced for tomorrow, it was said.

18:05 - Egypt state TV keeps covering the "pro-Mubarak protests" exclusively, portraying them as a peaceful, joyful rally in support of the regime. They claim the anti-government protests were not really pro-Egypt but influenced by foreigners.

17:59 - The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement saying it deplores that "other states are commenting on the situation in Egypt," asking them to bother about their own affairs. International voices are increasingly critical towards the Mubarak regime, several calling for the army to intervene to protect the protesters.

17:56 - "Tahrir Square is being protected by the brave youth. We are beating the thugs even with our few numbers. We will get him out!" Hossam el-Hamalawy reports from Egypt.

17:52 - Regarding the four Israeli journalists allegedly killed today, new reports indicate they were "only" arrested. Their whereabouts is however still unconfirmed.

17:47 - The 'La Repubblica" (Italy) reporter in Cairo says he has seen that those throwing Molotov cocktails against the protesters "are national security agents." Many protesters at Tahrir Square confirm his reports. More and more protesters are seriously wounded and no ambulances can reach the square. The army still does not intervene.

17:42 - Censorship is returning in Egypt after the "pro-Mubarak protests" were allowed to be reported. The internet is again switched off in most of the country. At the Cairo Hilton, there are reports of staff searching rooms and confiscating cameras in order to prevent further reporting. Foreign journalists are increasingly attacked.

17:34 - Soldiers at Tahrir Square are preoccupied with extinguishing a fire at the Egyptian Museum, resulting from a Molotov cocktail thrown by Mubarak-supporters. The Museum does not look to have sustained serious damage.

17:30 - Many protesters in

Protesters on Tahrir Qsuare struggle to keep govt agents away

© Hossam el-Hamalawy/afrol News
Cairo now hope for a US intervention, holding that the US administration has deep enough relations to the Egyptian army to request it to intervene on behalf of the protesters. Reactions from Washington have however been disappointingly vague so far, Egyptians hold.

17:24 - According to 'Al Arabiya', four Israeli journalists have been killed in Egypt today. No other sources have confirmed this so far. Foreign media have sustained a large number of attacks from pro-regime agents during the day.

17:18 - There were tens of Molotov cocktails thrown at anti-government protesters, all from the pro-Mubarak agents. Also the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square was hit. The attack has now paused.

17:10 - Petrol bombs, or Molotov cocktails, are again exploding at Tahrir.

17:01 - It is now dark in Egypt, but Tahrir Square remains well lit. The situation in central Cairo is somewhat calmer than just one hour ago, as many of those paid to "protest" in favour of Mr Mubarak have left. Anti-regime protesters, waiving anti-Mubarak slogans, say they will stay on Tahrir, making sure the protests do not die out before the hated President steps down.

16:56 - Egyptian blogger Karim Reda told 'BBC Arabic' that his state company (Petrotrade) had offered to pay all workers to go onto buses and protest for Mubarak.

16:52 - CNN reporter Ben Wedeman, who earlier this day was attacked by pro-government agents, says army officials he spoke to said they were not following any particular strategy anymore, not having clear orders. They are only watching.

16:47 - "At least 500 persons injured today," according to hospital sources in Cairo. However, as people are mostly unable to leave Tahrir Square, there are probably hundreds of more injured in downtown Cairo.

16:44 - There are reports of petrol bombs thrown at protesters on Tahrir Square as it is now getting dark in Egypt. There is smoke over the square.

16:41 - According to 'Al Jazeera', there are now fewer pro-regime "protesters" at and around Tahrir Square. The tension is however not eased and the clashes are still ongoing. Protesters meanwhile report "we could not leave Tahrir even if we wanted to," confirming that the square is virtually sealed off.

16:37 - Any attack on a peaceful demonstration is unacceptable," UN Secretary-General Ban

Leaflets against demonstrations have been distributed by govt agents

© Hossam el-Hamalawy/afrol News
ki Moon just said in a statement, urging restraint "from all sides" in Egypt. Arab governments should start listening more attentively to their people, he added.

16:32 - Also in Alexandria, "Mubarak's thugs are using horses and camels in their attacks on protesters in Somouha," Hossam el-Hamalawy reports from Egypt. The same happened at Cairo's Tahrir Square two hours ago, as the first major attack on the protesters.

16:25 - "The clashes are focused on the approach roads to Tahrir," the 'Al Jazeera' reporter in Cairo reports as people still are trying to stream into the square. Meanwhile, at Tahrir, more and more people are on rooftops, throwing items at protesters.

16:22 - Protesters at Tahrir Square report that they have resisted several attempts by "Mubarak's thugs" to enter and take over the square. All attacks so far have been driven back - however at a great cost of injuries.

16:20 - "Captured men on both sides are being beaten viciously," another eyewitness tweets from central Cairo.

16:16 - "The Army has proven it's not Egypt's army. It's Mubarak's army," a disappointed Hossam el-Hamalawy tweets from Cairo as the army does nothing to protect the protesters from Mubarak's agents.

16:13 - Opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei is now calling for the army to intervene and protect the anti-government protesters as the number of injured is skyrocketing.

16:11 - It becomes increasingly difficult for people to leave Tahrir. The strategy seems to be to trap protesters on the square.

16:10 - People, probably pro-Mubarak agents, are standing on roofs at and around Tahrir Square, throwing objects at people, including furniture, stones, sharp objects and (warm?) water. It seems that most anti-government protesters are hit by the objects. Many people are heavily wounded.

16:07 - Protesters are still in control of most of Tahrir Square, but are attacked from all sides as the army seems to facilitate the attacks on the protesters.

16:00 - It is curfew time in Egypt. So far, this does not affect events, which continue to be dramatic.

Older updates in the live stream are found in the first part, here

(Hours are Central Europe time. Cairo time is one hour later, GMT one hour less).

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