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afrol News is an independent media based in Lesotho and Norway and run according to Norwegian law and Norwegian press ethics

Responsible editor (English, French editions):
Rainer Chr Hennig

Responsible editor (Spanish, Portuguese editions):
Pablo Gracia

Opinion pieces and articles by other media published through www.afrol.com are solely the responsibility of their author's and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints or standards of afrol News, which accepts no liability.

Library reference:
ISSN 1503-6103


afrol News in 2011 centralised its administrative and editorial offices in its Norway headquarters. Due to large quantities of spam and non-relevant post addressed to our African sub-offices, we now also have centralised mail services. If you wish to get in contact with our reporters, please do send your requests to central offices, which will forward relevant messages.

Post and telephone contact
You can use the following postal address, e-mail address and telephone number for all type of requests (editorial, marketing, administration, etc):

afrol News
Postboks 13
N-3537 Krøderen

Telephone: +47-

E-mail: mail@afrol.com

News desk
- Please direct all press releases and opinion pieces to this address: newsdesk@afrol.com
- Chief editor: Rainer Chr Hennig
- Editor, Spanish edition: Pablo Gracia Sáez

Department of Sales and Marketing
- Postal address: Postboks 13
   N-3537 Krøderen, Norway
- Telephone: +47-
- e-mail: marketing@afrol.com

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