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South Africa

Famine warning: "South Sudan is imploding"

afrol News - The UN's humanitarian agencies now warn about a devastating famine in Sudan and especially in South Sudan, where the situation is said to be "imploding". Relief officials are appealing to donors to urgently fund life-saving activities in the two countries.
"Cutting aid to Malawi over corruption will endanger lives"

afrol News - As Malawi faces its worst-ever corruption scandals, donors are now freezing their aid. But Charles Mkula, head of Malawi's journalists, told afrol News that this will only victimise the extremely poor country and create political chaos.
Botswana | Africa
Released captive elephants "do fine in the wild"

afrol News - Scientists have shown that African elephants raised in captivity can be released to the African savannah with relative ease and do fine. Trials done in Botswana give hope for re-establishing threatened elephant range states.
Namibia still enjoying sustainable growth

afrol News - Economic growth is still at healthy levels in Namibia, the latest statistical figures for the country show. Growth defies high energy prices and the slow development in neighbouring South Africa.
Lesotho finds key to avoid election violence

afrol News - Lesotho has been marred by election violence at several occasions, only barely avoiding clashes after the 2007 polls. Now, a two-year mediation process has ended in compromise.
South Africa | Swaziland
SA workers to "invade Swaziland"

afrol News - On the day of the planned mass protest in the totalitarian kingdom of Swaziland, 12 April, the powerful trade union COSATU in neighbouring South Africa plans a protest march to "invade" the kingdom in solidarity.
Swazi regime clamps down on protesters

afrol News - Some 10,000 pro-democracy protesters in the totalitarian kingdom of Swaziland are met with police forces "armed to their teeth" and roadblocks throughout the city of Manzini.
South Africa
Unions to stop Walmart entering South Africa

afrol News - South African and international trade unions are facing the US retail giant Walmart in court next week to stop it from entering into the South African economy without "appropriate conditions."
Swaziland uprising "begins on Friday"

afrol News - Trade unions and student organisations in the totalitarian kingdom of Swaziland are to start mass protests and strikes tomorrow, Friday, demanding democracy and economic reforms.
Southern Africa
Southern Africa to get infrastructure master plan

afrol News - The long-awaited launch of the Regional Infrastructure Master Plan for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) later this year is expected to guide development in key infrastructure such as road, rail, ports and electricity.
Protest concerns spark Angola arrest wave

afrol News - Responding to a possible wave of pro-democracy protests, the government of Angola not only organised a large pro-regime march, but also is arresting journalists and harassing media.
Zambia President "to win" upcoming polls

afrol News - Zambia's President Rupiah Banda expects his MMD party to score an easy victory in an election that he says will be coming in a matter of months. Elections must be held in 2011.
Zim treason charges for viewing Egypt on TV

afrol News - Zimbabwe is charging 45 persons with treason for having viewed TV reports about North African and Middle East protests.
Malawi continues war on donors

afrol News - The police in Malawi blames one of its major donors for anti-government protests, following a united front of foreign donors expressing concern over new, repressive legislation.
Namibia | Libya
Libya's ambassador in Namibia defects

afrol News - A Namibian-based diplomat at the Libyan Embassy has defected to join anti-Ghaddafi and pro-democracy movement at home and abroad. Saad Bakar (44) and his family have left Namibia for "a Mediterranean destination".

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Feature articles, Southern Africa

Shaping the outlook of journalism in Malawi

afrol News - Age is unhurriedly catching up with him as clearly as is signalled by the whitened parts of the hair on his head and on his beard. As the sun passionately kisses away Blantyre City, the nifty man indistinguishably moves with a laptop bag to the corner of the bar where he perches himself on a stool as a maître d'hôtel uninvitedly flashes a glass of white wine on the spur of the moment in front of the seemingly unnoticeable guest.

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Zambia | Tanzania
Your secret African travel destinations:
Riches of Lake Tanganyika

afrol News - The shores of Lake Tanganyika, a "secret" African travel destination, are shared between the four diverse countries Tanzania, Burundi, DR Congo and Zambia. The enormous lake offers unique sports fishing, wildlife, swims, vibrant African villages and cities and a fairytale colonial ferry.

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Swaziland | South Africa
Your secret African travel destinations:
Zulu- and Swaziland cultural tourism

afrol News - In today's "secret" African travel destination, we will take you to the most genuine parts of the otherwise well visited region of Southern Africa. In Zululand and Swaziland, original African culture is still deeply rooted.

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Zambia | Namibia
History battle: Zambia's dubious role in Namibia's freedom fight

afrol News - The difficult past of Zambia's ambiguous role in Namibia's and Angola's freedom fight is haunting current President, thus Foreign Minister, Rupiah Banda. The 1970s anti-communist Zambian regime is said to have killed Namibian freedom fighters in agreement with apartheid South Africa and Sam Nujoma. Historians confirm the allegations.

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