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Live stream: Egypt protests (4 Feb, till 16:00)

Cairo's Tahrir Square filling up, around noon today

© "Monasosh"/afrol News
afrol News, 4 February
- Tahrir Square in central Cairo early became over-crowded and the mood in the protesters' camp was described as "electric" and "powerful". Meanwhile, the US govt is negotiating Mubarak's immediate resignation.

Newer updates in today's live studio are found at

15:54 - International reactions to the Egypt protests remain vague, with most European, African and Asian government leaders calling for "restraint from all parties" and "negotiations for a transition now", ignoring the protesters' demands Mubarak must step down before negotiations can begin. Muslim state leaders that have called for Mubarak to resign for now include Turkey and Maldives. The US, through negotiations, also call for an immediate regime change. Italy's Silvio Berlusconi meanwhile has called for Mubarak to lead the transition. But popular support for the Egypt protests is great all over the world, with solidarity marches being held everywhere.

15:44 - Egyptian ministers flock to the demonstrators at Tahrir Square. The Defence Minister has already spoken to the protesting crowds and the Minister of Health has announced he will go "to mediate".

15:37 - Several hundred thousands are participating in the pro-democracy marches in Alexandria, demanding Mubarak to step down now. There have been reports of pro-regime agents trying to provoke confrontations, but also in Alexandria, the army is increasingly protecting the protesters, which massively outnumber regime supporters.

15:32 - Muslim Brotherhood spokesmen today have declared they will not present a presidential candidate, nor demand ministerial posts in a new government, trying to address the Mubarak regime's attempts to spread fear of an Islamist takeover if the President was to step down now. It also addresses US and Israeli fears of an Islamist Egypt. The Brotherhood in any case during the unrest has stepped forward as a much more liberal movement than government propaganda has claimed over the last years.

15:26 - According to broadcaster 'Al Arabiya', the Egyptian army has received new orders to protect foreign journalists, following yesterday's massive attack by pro-regime agents and police on the press and civil society groups. Foreign journalists now move around freely in central Cairo.

15:22 - Egyptian journalist Sharif Kouddous tweets from Cairo's Tahrir Square that "thousands continue to stream across Kasr El Nile bridge. Very festive atmosphere. What a contrast to Wednesday's govt-sponsored brutality."

15:18 - Opposition figure Ayman Nour says there are now around 35,000 persons protesting against government in Suez, a city where the police so far has been especially brutal against protesters.

15:15 - 'New York Times' quotes White House sources saying President Obama is demanding President Mubarak's resignation.

15:12 - US media, quoting the White House, confirm the US is negotiating with the Egyptian government about the immediate resignation of President Mubarak. The US govt demand is for his resignation today.

15:07 - US govt demands Mubarak must step down now! More information to come.

15:06 - "The baltagiya [thugs, mercenaries] wouldn't dare enter here. Way too many people. They would be completely overwhelmed," journalist Sharif Kouddous tweets from Tahrir Square.

15:01 - The around 400 regime supporters that tried to provoke violence at Talat Harb have been dispersed. Also the army aided pro-democracy protesters in hindering an escalation. Although some stones were thrown, there are no reports of serious injuries so far today.

14:53 - "If more people swarm in, we will have to stand on eachother's shoulders to fit everyone," Egyptian blogger Ali Seif tweets from Tahrir Square. He also confirms to have "at least two [Coptic] priests so far."

14:47 - It is now confirmed that Amr Mohammed Moussa, the head of the Arab League and the most popular figure among protesters to take over power in Egypt, is indeed at Tahrir Square. Opposition leader Mohammad ElBaradei is not on the square.

14:44 - There is no sign the protesters in Cairo today plan to embark on the two-hour march towards the presidential palace in Heliopolis. Crowds are actually still pouring into central Cairo, now reaching one or two millions. Earlier, protesters had announced they would march to Heliopolis today, but messages from Tahrir today mostly say they will stay in the square until Mubarak resigns.

14:40 - "Coptic Church officials, priests and nuns, are showing up at the protests," according to reports confirming earlier messages.

14:37 - More and more prominent Egyptians are supporting the protest movement, including state TV anchors quitting their job, the leaders of Cairo's prestigious Al-Azhar University, Egypt's Grand Mufti, prominent judges and so on.

14:33 - Egyptian news site 'Youm7' today reports that several high officials from the Mubarak regime - mostly those sacked last week as President Mubarak announced a new government - would soon be brought to trial over corruption charges, with reference to sources in the judiciary. Yesterday, a Cairo court froze the assets of several ex-Ministers, ordering them to stay in Egypt.

14:28 - Reports from Talaat Harb, close to Cairo's Tahrir Square, say pro-regime agents are exchanging stones with pro-democracy protesters. This local battle is today's first significant outbreak of violence in central Cairo.

14:24 - Not all smaller towns in Egypt are controlled by police. In Damanhur in the Nile Delta (approx. 300,000 inhabitants), 'Al Jazeera' reports of massive anti-government demonstrations, including almost all the population.

14:15 - Pro-democracy protesters massively outnumber the hundreds of Mubarak followers in Cairo. Queues to enter downtown Cairo, passing by military checkpoints, are kilometre-long from several sides, and it is all pro-democracy protesters. An attack on the protesters, like on Wednesday, would be virtually impossible now, due to their great numbers.

14:11 - Small groups of pro-Mubarak "protesters" are gathering close to army checkpoints in central Cairo. 'Al Jazeera' reports of a group of up to 400 regime supporters at the 6 October Bridge, one of the main entrances to Tahrir Square.

14:05 - In central Cairo, people are still streaming into town, passing through several army checkpoints. The massive flow is slow as the city centre is packed with anti-government protesters. This is massive!

13:55 - 'Al Jazeera' Arabic's Cairo office "has been stormed by unknown men and the office has been trashed," according to the broadcaster, being followed by millions in Egypt and the Arab world right now.

13:51 - "Protesters in small cities like Naga Hamadi are being brutally attacked by Mubarak-police/thugs," according to a tweet from Egypt. Naga Hamadi, with a population of about 30,000, is located centrally in Egypt, at the Nile. Earlier reports from rural Egypt confirm the message, saying police is in control, suppressing demonstrations.

13:46 - In Cairo, protesters agree the army today is cooperative, giving pro-democracy protesters easy access to central Cairo, while making sure the smaller groups of pro-regime mobs are kept outside.

13:43 - The German government has announced it freezes arms exports to Egypt due to the violent attacks on protesters. German arms export are worth euro 10 to 40 million annually.

13:40 - In Alexandria, the situation is getting tenser, as the tens of thousands of protesters are approaching a square dominated by armed police and plainclothes policemen.

13:29 - While protesters in central Cairo mostly have been male during the last two violent days, today's enormous crowd is composed of women, families, the elderly and men. This is a crowd reflecting a broad aspect of Egyptians.

13:25 - The US, President Mubarak's main ally over the last 30 years, may be pulling strings behind the scene, reports from Washington indicate. President Obama has so far not demanded Mubarak's resignation in public but called for "reforms start NOW." Reports from the US say there are negotiations over Mubarak leaving power to a transition government now.

13:19 - Those not taking part in the Egyptian protests are increasingly calling for order to be restored, as shops, banks and other vital services are closed and families spend day and night protecting their properties. If Mubarak is not ousted today, there could be a shift in public opinion within a few days.

13:15 - There are "reports there are massive anti-Mubarak crowds heading from Mohandeseen and other districts to Tahrir," Egyptian journalist Sharif Kouddous tweets from Tahrir.

13:13 - Today's plan for Cairo protests is being discussed. Earlier announcements spoke of the masses planning to go to the presidential palace at Heliopolis, a two-hour walk from central Cairo. Now, many protesters say it would be better to stay at Tahrir Square until Mubarak resigns.

13:09 - In Giza, Egypt's third largest city (3.3 million inhabitants, located around 20 km south of Cairo), there are reports of pro-Mubarak demonstrations being the dominant feature. But the crowd is only estimated at 3,000 persons. Giza's anti-government protesters are expected to have poured into central Cairo.

13:03 - A government spokesman on Egypt's state TV claims the protesters do not represent the majority view of Egyptians, adding that "millions" of Mubarak supporters would take to the streets. Meanwhile, the anti-regime crowd only in Cairo is estimated at over one million; and increasing.

12:56 - Central Cairo is filling up with protesters at a remarkable rate. The announced march of millions is about to become reality.

12:51 - There are few reports from Suez today, but again indications that the police stands stronger here than in Cairo and Alexandria. People report they are being hindered by police to reach central Suez to participate in the protest march.

12:49 - Like last Friday, Christians and other non-Muslims in Alexandria built a human chain to protect Muslims during today's Friday prayer, according to eyewitness reports. The revolution seems to bring Egyptians closer together. Significantly, there have been no reports of attacks on Copts since the unrest started.

12:42 - Now, even Egypt's state TV has shown overview photos of the large demonstration gathering in Cairo, however claiming it is "a demonstration to maintain stability."

12:38 - Also in Alexandria, Egypt's second city, ten of thousands anti-government protesters are currently gathering to organise protest marches. Some speak of half a million protesters.

12:28 - Little is moving on the political side so far. The opposition still demands that President Mubarak must leave before they negotiate with the regime. This was repeated by Mohammed Mehdi of the Muslim Brotherhood today. Vice-President Omar Suleiman still holds it is unacceptable for Mubarak to step down before his term ends in September.

12:24 - In central Cairo, there are no signs of the regime's violent mob, which caused tens of deaths and over thousand injured Wednesday and Thursday. The protesting masses have totally taken over the city's centre, again allowing journalists to move around freely and cover the event. But from other parts of Cairo, there are still reports of people critical to the regime being "arrested".

12:17 - "There must b at least half a million protesters in the square and we haven't even started!" Hossam el-Hamalawy tweets from Cairo's Tahrir Square, adding "People are still flocking to the square. We are increasing rapidly in numbers."

12:13 - During the morning prayers at Tahrir Square, the imam repeated demands of regime changes. Bur he emphasised that the revolution was not fought for religious or ideological reasons, but rather belonged to all Egyptians; Muslims and Christians; men and women.

12:06 - Some international journalists again have dared to film in central Cairo, after having been hunted down by pro-regime agents yesterday. 'Al Jazeera' again has a live stream from Tahrir Square, and pictures suggest crowds are already nearing the million.

11:59 - Trusted tweeters from Tahrir Square report that at this time, the square is rapidly being filled up with people wanting to join the protest. There do not seem to be anybody hindering people from reaching the square in great masses. It seems a powerful protest is in the making.

11:55 - Messages from central Cairo's Tahrir Square, which is occupied by tens of thousands of anti-government protesters, all say the same thing: The night has been quiet without significant attacks. Most protesters have been able to sleep and recharge batteries, waking up to a magnificent day.

11:40 - afrol News reopens its Egypt protests' live studio after a necessary break. If you are in Egypt, or can contribute with photos, please tweet us at @afroleditor. Again, we thank our readers for your massive interest!

Live studio updates from yesterday (3 Feb) and last night are found in yesterday's Egypt live stream, here.

Newer updates in the live stream are found at

(Hours are Central Europe time. Cairo time is one hour later, GMT one hour less).

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