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afrol   Africa related graphics

Here, you'll find useful graphics, such as maps and flags, related to Africa. Webmasters are invited to freely download these graphics but urged to credit

See the categories below. Note that other clipart / graphics that used to be on this page have been moved to afrol's Kids' Zone.


Here, you'll find a list of the African countries that have their ClipArt page on afrol. The country pages feature flag and maps in all sizes and colors.


This page features African flags. There are now 38 graphics on this page (almost every African country - those missing will come very soon).


These pages feature continental, regional and country maps in all colors and sizes. The download/copying of maps is free, but republishing a few of them requires a copyright note linking to There are now around 100 graphics on these pages.


ClipArts for Kids

These pages feature African animals, animations and humor clips, fit for the young webmaster wanting to make her or his Africa page.


More graphics: All rights reserved.

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