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Playing games on Afrol!


We have collected some cool games for you - some are well-known and others less known. You normally can play them offline (is to say, you can turn off the internet connection when the game has been totally loaded). 

Below, an alphabetic list of the games, with a short description.


BAP! is a quick and handy version of the classical arakanoid or breakout games, which are as old as the personal computer. This version is from Cheez' Homepage (see below) and should be a quick loader. 

If you don't know the game, you'll understand it at first sight. Move the bar with your mouse and eliminate all the bricks. 30 levels are included! Note also that you can control the speed.


Get into a naval battle with your computer! 
You both have 11 ships, and the first to sink the ships of the other, wins. A classic.


The classic card game/gamble, which you might know as "21". You play against the dealer (computer) and the object of the game is to get the closest to 21. If you get higher than the dealer without going over, you win! Good luck!

Crab Race

Place your bets! Each crab has different odds and different payouts. If your crab wins he race, you win, if it looses, you loose. It doesn't get any simpler. But you'll get busy for a while...


Dots is an interactive game, where you play against the computer. You have to make more boxes than the computer to win - which is not as simple as it might sound. Finally, it comes down to those last moves, deciding it all... 

Falcon Fighter

The Falcon Fighter puts you in charge of an air fighter and you have to shoot down or protect yourself from enemy planes and other entities. You only get one life but if you make it far through a level, you play against big enemy bosses. Seems far more than a normal Java script! Functions are explained in the game. Give it a try... 

Hang Man

The classic words game, hang man, in a web version. Play against the computer and test your English! If you don't know hang man, the point of the game is to finish the word that the computer is "thinking about". He'll give you two letters, and you'll have to figure out the rest. You win if you don't have guessed more than 6 wrong letters to get the entire word. This version contains a lot of African geographical words.

Lights Out

This one is a dangerous one, if you tend to get addictive to games! 
You have to "turn off" all the boxes to win the game. When you check a box, all the squares around it (one above, one below, and one to each side) are unselected. When you think you manage it, there are still more levels of difficulty to try... Take care!


Peg is an ancient game known in many cultures. Basically, you have to try to leave only one peg by jumping one over another and removing the 'jumped' peg. 

Sound easy? See how well you can do! 


You might be familiar with the Pokemon land plague some years ago, or not. Anyhow, here you have your virtual pet which you'll have to feed and give attention, or it will die... Or at least you can find out what the "Pokemon generation" was all about.


Rocket Blaster

Rocket Blaster is shooting game. Use your mouse to aim and shoot at rockets that fly across the screen. It may require some practice timing the shots to compensate for the distances. Interestingly, the game never ends - just play as long as you want.


Tetris should be well known to everybody, and was probably the most addictive game of the 1990's. So we only can warn you about discovering or rediscovering Tetris (or hope that you do not have to pay for your Internet connection yourself....).


Towers of Hanoi

Towers of Hanoi is a game of skill and logic. You must try to move all the disks onto another pole. Thing is, you can only move one disk at a time and you must follow size order (a bigger disk can't go on a smaller disk). Good luck (and remember to go offline)! 


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