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Service to be discontinued in March 2005

Please do not make new subscriptions as this service will be cancelled in March 2005! See below.

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E-MAIL service to be cancelled in March 2005!


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Why we have to suspend the e-mail service at in 2001 outsourced its e-mail domain to, a US company providing highly commercial e-mail services. finances this service by (very much) ads in the users' mailboxes, while, in theory, was to avoid any administration of this service. The resource was given freely to our users as an extra service, of which never generated revenues.

During these years, we at afrol News (operating the website) have become increasingly unhappy about the services given by Firstly, the US company drowned our service in advertisements, far beyond the terms originally indicated. There were not even possibilities to filter out ads that went against our policy or even against Norwegian law (afrol News is based in Norway).

Secondly, an increasing numbers of e-mail accounts were established by spammers and scammers and did not provide protection against that. Large numbers of scam e-mails were sent out in the name of afrol News, and we had no means of stopping this. The amount of spam by users has become so great that some servers now refuse to receive any e-mails from accounts, including news distribution to our customers.

Finally, the most important reasons behind our decision to cancel the e-mail service are the many contract breeches by Complaints by us to the US company are not answered. Our contracted possibility to send e-mail to all our user accounts suddenly does not exist. Last year, as a scam mail was sent out in our name, we sent a warning to all our users saying the mail was false. refused to circulate it. In the first week of January 2005, we sent out an e-mail to all users, advising that the service will be discontinued in March 2005. It was not distributed by Please find a copy of the mail below.

To our many serious users, who have followed us for a long time, we have to say that we are very sorry about having to suspend this service. As in so many cases, the acts of some abusers affect the many serious and well-intended people. However, we as a new agency have no means of handling this service, which was to handle for us. Therefore, we will suspend it in March 2005.

Thank you for using our services!

The afrol News team

Mail sent to e-mail users in January
(but not distributed by

All e-mail accounts to be cancelled in March

Dear users of e-mail addresses,

We are sorry to announce to you that our service to you will have to be cancelled within a few months.

The reason is that the new agency afrol News, which owns the domain, cannot sustain these services anymore. Too many account holders have abused the address to send out spam and fraud, causing the blocking of all mails from users on an increasing number of servers.

afrol News does not have the capacity to handle this increasing amount of complaints and spam, which we did not expect as we had outsourced this service to

We want to remind the users of mails that they have signed up to services provided by, not by afrol News. handles a large number of e-mail domains and will surely be able to assist you in moving to another account when is removed in March.

Users that have upgraded to Premium accounts should contact through their "End-User Web Form" at

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will get the assistance you need by to get a new and better e-mail account. Anyhow, we thank you very much for having used the e-mail service and hope you will not stop looking by to check out the latest news from Africa!

Kindest regards,

Rainer Chr Hennig
editor at afrol News

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