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Subscribing to afrol News

Subscribing to afrol News gives you the possibility of receiving the news items that interest you or your organisation in the moment they are published. Business subscribers will be charged a very modest fee for this service (see prices below). Other rates apply for professional users wanting to reproduce afrol News copy.

To subscribe, go directly to the subscription page or read below how it works!

Your content
On our subscription page, you can easily subscribe to only the content that interests you. As there are many types of interests, there are also many possibilities on the subscription page. Here is a short guide on to how get what YOU want:

I want all the news from my country.
- Do like this: Pick your region/country/countries from the list. Ignore the topics. Proceed to media and choose "all media". Proceed.

I want all the news from my topic of interest.
- Do like this: Ignore the countries/regions list and go directly to the topics list. Choose your topics and proceed to media, choosing "all media". Proceed.

I want all the news from my country AND my topic of interest.
- Do like this: Pick your region/country/countries from the list. Proceed to topics and select. Now comes the "tricky part". Let's say you have chosen Algeria and Agriculture. If you want all articles on Algeria AND all articles on Agriculture, then choose an "Inclusive" subscription. If you only want articles that are about agriculture in Algeria, choose the "exclusive" subscription. Proceed.

I can't find my option / I don't understand the form.
- If your desired subscription is not to be found on the page, use the "Other" field of the form to explain your desires and we'll fix it manually. Please note that we can only handle subscription orders that have gone through the form. Go to "Other" to specify your desires and after that, be sure to fill in your personal information. We will look through your order once you have confirmed it through the e-mail you will receive.
    You can use the "Other" field to order subscriptions that are somewhat complicated, subscriptions to subcategories or subscriptions to only high-priority items. You may also use it if you find the form too complicated.

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Subscribing to afrol News
Business subscribers

Since April 2005, afrol News charges a modest fee for business subscribers to keep you updated on the issues or countries that are important to your investments. For a read-only subscription, which is sufficient for most purposes, fees are set at Norwegian kroner (NOK) 1000 a year. If you need limited re-print rights (i.e. only for internal publications), these will granted by a somewhat higher fee.

Flat read-only fee:
12 months subscription for NOK 1000, comparing to about euro 125 in April 2005.

Subscription with limited re-print rights:
12 months subscription for NOK 2500, comparing to about euro 310 in April 2005.

How to subscribe?
Go to the subscription page and fill out the form. You will then receive an e-mail from afrol News with further instructions. Alternatively, write a subscription order to afrol News, including what you want to receive, which type of subscription you want and invoice data including name, address and preferred currency.

Subscribing to afrol News
Professional use - Buying re-print rights

Professional use of afrol News copy generally is not a free service. Please find a definition of "professional use" below*.

As a professional user - media, etc. - you should start by filling in the form as is best possible. Don't hesitate to use the "Other" field to explain just what you want to receive. Please respond to the automatic mail you will receive, confirming your subscription.

After receiving your subscription confirmation, afrol News personnel will look through your order to see whether this is a free service or not. We will contact you to see whether there are any special desires we can facilitate to you, look into the conditions and inform you about the costs involved.

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Private subscriptions

For individual persons, the subscription service is still free. No re-posting or re-print rights are however granted.

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*What is professional and non-professional use?

afrol News freely decides on what the company considers "professional use" of its content from case to case. In general, however, "non-professional use" is considered read-only use by non-media individuals and non-media institutions.

"Professional use" includes all forms of reproduction of entire articles, parts of articles and of their content. All use by any kind of media and their employees is considered "professional", including read-only use. Also NGOs, institutions and companies reproducing afrol News content in internal publications (including newsletters and newsgroups) are within our definition of "professional users". Finally, also so-called "fair use" reproductions have to be cleared with afrol News in advance.

Scientific publications and school works are however considered outside our "professional use" definition when reciting lesser parts of an afrol News item, using proper references.

"Professional users", including journalists, are requested to register properly with afrol News. We are regularly controlling whether content is received on false conditions.

There are special conditions for independent media operating in Africa, which may have rights to freely receive and reproduce materials from afrol News and cooperating media due to certain conditions. In this case, please contact afrol News editors.

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