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Campaigns targeting readers geographically

A targeted campaign on the afrol.com website can be easily and quickly booked, and we offer rates below the market average. On this page, we describe ad campaigns that are targeted at afrol News readers living in a specific country - for example the US or South Africa - or readers using a specific language - for example English. For more general campaigns, see the "Advertising" front page at this link.

This kind of campaign will interest you if you want to reach a special market, if your product only exists on a specific market, or if your market is language specific. We use the OpenX ad server technology, which is known to have a 95% success rate in identifying readers' geographical location and language use.

Regarding such a campaign, please have the following in mind: Depending on the country where you want to reach readers or the language you want them to use, it can take very long or short time before, say 5,000, impressions have been made. Of course, readers in the US, Spain, UK and South Africa are many more than readers in Malaysia or Italy. English and Spanish language users are the by far dominating, but many other nationals also regularly read afrol News. We will be able to give you a gross overview regarding our country/language on demand. But as rates are calculated on a CPM-basis (the price for 1,000 impressions), you will always be guaranteed to get what you pay for!

You can choose between three formats when making a country or section targeting campaign:

Top banners
You can choose between an XXL top banner (up to 1,000 px width) or a standard leaderboard (728x90 px), exposed on the top of every afrol.com page. Additionally, you can book the smaller banner (365x50px), constantly exposed on the extreme top right on all afrol.com pages. Get rates and format information on this link.

Large rectangles (345 px)
On all afrol.com pages, except the articles, there are lucrative right sidebar ad zones with a width of (up to) 345 pixels. These can also be used for the standard IAB large rectangles format (336 px). The standard height of these rectangles is 150 px, but they can be both higher and lower. If you want to reach all afrol.com pages with your campaign, you will also need to provide 160 px banners to be exposed in afrol News articles. Get rates and format information on this link.

Small rectangles (160 px)
Small rectangle ad zones are present on each and every page of the afrol.com website. Their standard size is 150 or 160 px width. The standard height of these rectangles is 75 px, but they can be both higher and lower. The small rectangles are the cheapest way of reaching out to a large and wide audience on afrol.com. Get rates and format information on this link.

Rotation or constant visibility

In a normal advertising campaign, your banner will rotate with banners from other advertisers until it has been shown the agreed number of times. This is mostly also the most effective type of campaign, causing most attention from readers.

We are however also able to offer you campaigns with constant visibility, guaranteeing your ad will be exposed on each and every page relevant to the topic/country on afrol.com. The price is the same (CPM-based), but availability (especially for the XXL top banner) can be limited due to other campaigns.

English and/or Spanish site

As you may know, afrol News is published in two languages. Parallel to the English language site, there is a Spanish language site (www.afrol.com/es). You can of course decide whether you want your campaign to be run only on the English; only on the Spanish; or on the two sites. If you choose both languages and your ad includes text, we recommend you to prepare two different banners, one in each language. If you need assistance in translation (short texts), we will aid you without extra costs.

Advertising on afrol.com

This page treats ad campaigns targeting afrol News readers living in a specific country or using a specific language. But you can also make sure your campaign reaches wider, to all reader of the afrol.com website. Or, instead of limiting the campaign to our readers' location, you may want to reach leaders interested in a special topic (for example our travel section) or in a special country (for example what is happening in Kenya). Read more on the following links:

I want my campaign to be published on the entire afrol.com site
I want my campaign limited by the content of the pages (country, section)

For more general information about advertising on the afrol.com website, including the CPM pricing system, go "back" to the advertising front page (link here) - or look through our Advertisers' FAQs page.

To get a better impression about the readership of afrol News and a basic idea of traffic statistics, read the Key data about afrol.com. You can also ask for a rate card by sending an e-mail to marketing@afrol.com.

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