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afrol News partner media: A Semana

A Semana ("The Week") is Cape Verde's leading independent media and also the country's most read weekly newspaper. Twelve years after launching the newspaper, A Semana also went online and is by now the leading Cape Verdean internet media, providing daily news updates in Portuguese, English and French. This also makes A Semana the natural outlet for advertisers, wanting to reach Cape Verdeans or the large Cape Verdean Diaspora.

During its lifetime, A Semana has also become a very important forum for public debate in Cape Verde, strongly contributing to the consolidation of democracy and economic growth of the archipelago. The newspaper's critical reporting has made it Cape Verde's leading guarantor of press freedom.

afrol News since 2004 has formally cooperated with A Semana through the expanding network of independent Portuguese and Spanish writing media in Africa. Under current conditions, this enables A Semana to freely reproduce afrol News copy and it enables afrol News to reproduce and translate A Semana copy. afrol News also coordinates the distribution of Portuguese copy between Lusophone partner media and assists arranging advertisement campaigns in A Semana for companies based outside Cape Verde.

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Non-Cape Verdean avertisers: Write to or call +34 928475717
Mail: A Semana, Rotunda do Palmarejo / Santiago, C.P. 36-C, Cape Verde.
Telephone: +262 9860
Fax: +262 9861

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