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afrol News partner media: The Namibian

The Namibian is Namibia's leading independent media and also the country's most read daily newspaper. Funded as an anti-apartheid and pro-independence weekly in 1985, The Namibian has grown into Namibia's largest-selling daily. The newspaper also proudly operates Namibia's biggest website, making it the country's leading outlet for advertisers on print or in internet.

The newspaper had a tough start in a hostile environment during South African occupation. While the Namibian constitution now guarantees freedom of the press and speech, The Namibian's independent and outright profile has caused almost constant conflict with the government. The Namibian plays a vital role in checking the powers of Namibia's authorities and capital and is the country's guarantor of press freedom.

afrol News since 2000 has formally cooperated with The Namibian through the MisaNet news exchange network of independent African media. Under current conditions, this enables The Namibian to freely reproduce afrol News copy and it enables afrol News to reproduce The Namibian copy. There is an intention of deepening and commercialising this cooperation.

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