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The Standard remains one of Zimbabwe's few strong and independent voices. It is the country's leading Sunday newspaper. Despite its courageous and independent reporting - fiercely defending press freedom - the weekly still manages to publish on a regular basis. This has however cost a heavy toll and editors and journalists are frequently harassed by authorities.

TThe Standard has specialised its Sunday profile on analytic and investigative journalism of the highest quality. Editors however manage to maintain a humorous outlook amidst the troubled situation. The Standard is the insider's tip to reliable information on Zimbabwean politics and economy. Its high quality, popularity and large diffusion make The Standard an excellent choice for advertisers.

afrol News since 2000 has formally cooperated with Te Standard through the MisaNet news exchange network of independent African media. Under current conditions, this enables The Standard to freely reproduce afrol News copy and it enables afrol News to reproduce The Standard copy. There is an intention of deepening and commercialising this cooperation.

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