Torgeir Fyhri 1998

The Gambia: 
The Complexity of Modernising the Agricultural Sector in Africa


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» Economic history of rural Gambia  
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CHAPTER 1: Introduction
CHAPTER 2: Methodical Considerations
CHAPTER 3: Theoretical Framework
CHAPTER 4: Introducing The Gambian Agricultural Sector
CHAPTER 5: The Development of the Agriculture Sector 1983-96
CHAPTER 6: Responses to household Constraints and Farm Risk
CHAPTER 7: Testing of hypotheses and Theoretical Discussion
CHAPTER 8: Concluding Remarks
APPENDIX - Interviews conducted in villages around Farafenni


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CFTFR - Commonwealth Fund for Technical Assistance, Food Production and Rural Development
(Commonwealth Secretariat)
CILSS - Permanent Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel
CSD - Central Statistics Department (Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs)
DAS - Department of Agricultural Services
DoP - Department of Planning (Ministry of Agriculture)
DPP - Department of Physical Planning (Ministry for Local Government and Lands)
DWR - Department of Water Resources (Ministry of Natural/Water Resources and the Environment)
FERAP - Regional Project for the free Flow of Trade and Agrofood Policy Harmonization
GGEMP - Gambia German Environmental Management Project
IFAD - The International Fund for Agriculture Development
IFPRI - International Food Policy Research Institute
LADEP - Lowlands Agricultural Development Programme
MANR - Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, The Gambia
MEPID - Ministry of Economic Planning and Industrial Development
MNRE - Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment
MoA - Ministry of Agriculture, The Gambia
NPC - National Population Commission (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment)
OMVG - Gambia River Basin Development Organisation
PPMU - Planning, programming and monitoring unit (Ministry of Agriculture)
SNPC - Secritariat of the National Population Commission (Office of The President)
SWMU - Soil and Water Management Unit (Ministry of Agriculture)
USAID - U.S. Agency for International Development

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