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Botswana | Africa
Released captive elephants "do fine in the wild"

afrol News - Scientists have shown that African elephants raised in captivity can be released to the African savannah with relative ease and do fine. Trials done in Botswana give hope for re-establishing threatened elephant range states.
Pan-African parliamentary science forum launched

afrol News / SciDev.Net - An Africa-wide forum for parliamentarians which aims to give science, technology and innovation a more central role in the policy-making process was launched this week.

How cyber-activism lent savvy to North African protests

afrol News / Africa Renewal - The revolutions and protest movements in North and sub-Saharan Africa are by the people, but they could never have taken the form they took and keep on taking without social media and new technologies.

Africa defies AU chief's support for Ghaddafi

afrol News - African Union (AU) chief and Equatorial Guinea dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema twice has called Colonel Ghaddafi to secure AU support. But other African countries rather support Libya's rebels.
Africa | Libya
African Union praises Ghaddafi "reform offer"

afrol News - The African Union (AU) has come out in support of Libya's Ghaddafi regime, opposing any military action against the regime and praising its "readiness" for "political reforms."
How African land deals override locals

afrol News - A new study into current land lease and sale contracts in Africa shows how local land users are mostly not even consulted in the process. When consulted, they are often tricked.
Africa | Libya
Fleeing Africans tell tales of Libyan horror

afrol News - As more sub-Saharan Africans manage to escape Libya, they tell stories about increasing racist attacks and desperation. Hundreds of thousands are still hiding out in Libya.
Libya | Africa
Africans hunted down in "liberated" Libya

afrol News - As defected army units and civilians in "liberated" eastern Libya are eager to demonstrate unity, "African mercenaries" are increasingly singled out as the enemy. Africans are systematically hunted down.
Shell pulls out of African downstream market

afrol News - The major oil company Shell has sold its downstream businesses in 14 African countries for around US$ 1 billion. Shell products however still would be sold to Africa.
African dreams of Egypt-like revolt

afrol News - All over Africa, the dramatic events in Tunisia and Egypt are followed, with opposition groups and dissidents hoping the same could happen in their country. Mostly, these are only dreams, but some could come true.
Africa | South Africa
SA to represent Africa at emerging markets

afrol News/SANF - The recent invitation to South Africa to join the BRIC group of emerging economies comprising Brazil, Russia, India and China is to "offer opportunities for Africa to strengthen ties with the group."
Doing business in Africa "becoming easier"

afrol News - Foreign investments in Africa are strongly increasing as the continent displays on of the world's highest growth numbers. African analysts hold that this is a consequence of improved business environments in Africa.
Africa | Equatorial Guinea
New AU leader Obiang calls criticism un-African

afrol News - Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, whose election as new Chairman of the African Union (AU) caused widespread outrage by human rights groups and media, hits back at the criticism, calling it un-African.
Africa | Equatorial Guinea
Africa's worst dictator becomes AU leader

afrol News editorial - Equatorial Guinea's Dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema has been elected to take over the post of chairman of the African Union (AU). "This is the darkest day in the AU's history," afrol News editors comment.
African remittance flows are back up

afrol News / Africa Renewal - After a slump in 2009, migrant financial remittances back to Africa were again on the rise in 2010. Experts expect a further growth in funds sent to Africa in 2011 and 2012.

» Stronger African growth expected in 2011-12
» Africa "to see rise in investments"
» Africa, Europe set out cooperation priorities
» Africa receives least health aid
» Africa to get easier trade access to EU
» Every 2nd African has mobile subscription
» Africa showed off well at London travel fair
» African competition regulators getting serious
» Domestic demand fuels Africa's strong growth
» East Africa a new population heavyweight
» Press Freedom Index for Africa "a joke"
» Africa most desired among young travellers
» Africa sees successes fighting hunger
» "Bullying China a threat to Africa"
» "Africa needs new roads to boost trade"

Feature articles, Africa

Africa's social media revolution

afrol News / Africa Renewal - Lost in the excitement about Africans' enthusiastic embrace of mobile phones is the growing use of those phones to access the Internet - particularly YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites.

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Your secret African travel destinations

afrol News - During 2010, this afrol News series will present the most rewarding "secret" travel destinations in Africa, totally off the beaten track. Wondering where to go for a real African holiday experience or adventure? Follow us!

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Kenya | Africa
Abolishing fees boosts African schooling

Africa Renewal - When the Kenyan government announced it would stop charging fees for primary school education - just days before the beginning of the 2003 school year - the result was pandemonium. Teachers, headmasters and parents scrambled to find desks, pencils and books for over a million extra students. Many African countries have followed Kenya's example.

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Africa | World
Eastern Europe starts repaying Africa

afrol News - The fall of the Iron Curtain cost Africa much in terms of reduced investments and development aid, which in the 1990s was redirected to Eastern Europe. But now, following EU demands and increased wealth, country after country in the region is setting up development cooperation agencies focusing on Africa, with booming budgets.

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